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Yatzy! Gold

1 usd

Yatzy! combines all versions of the rules into one wonderful dice game. The straightforward gameplay and intuitive operation guarantee gaming fun from the first dice-throw.Play alone or against other players – you can set up your match with any combination of computer opponents and human players. By playing Yatzy! in multiplayer mode, you can share the fun with friends and family.
- single player (solo) mode- multiplayer (up to 4 players)- 5 or 6 dice- multiple rule sets- 3 difficulty levels- optional left-handed mode- attractive animated graphic design- comprehensive statistics
Don’t have a dice cup and pad handy? Not even dice? With Yatzy! for Android, you can still start a game anywhere, anytime...
Yatzy! is the perfect game for anyone who likes Yahtzee ™, Poker Dice or Yacht. Give the dice a roll!